Available service projects (contact Mrs. Flood ASAP to sign up):

  • Outdoor Rosary — Monday 5/6, 3:15-4:45pm (and short practice 4/29 after school)
  • Outdoor Rosary — Sunday 5/5, 8:45-10am (and short practice 4/29 after school)
  • Altar Rosary Fish Fry — Sat 4/27, 3:30-9pm
  • Special Needs Family Mass & Party — Tues 5/7, 6:15-8:15pm

REVISED SCHEDULE as of 3/10/19  

  • DUE ASAP: Confirmation Name, Service Reflection Page & Sponsor Form (print here: sponsor certificate)
  • 3/24 — Session #6 – sponsors will attend with the candidates
  • 3/31 — Session #7
  • 4/6 — Walk for the Poor AND Day of Reflection, 8am-6:30pm in Conlon Hall (with Mass) — print WALK FOR THE POOR SPONS SHEET here
  • 4/28 — Session #8
  • 5/11 — Rehearsal for candidates & sponsors, 11am (Gp A) & 12:15pm (Gp B) 
  • 5/18 Confirmation Masses at 11am (Gp A) & 2pm (Gp B)
  • Final gathering TBD — I’m confirmed… n0w what? Let’s celebrate and talk about how to continue your faith journey here at St. John’s Parish.

Confirmation sessions are based on Matthew Kelly’s Decision Point program. You can find the videos here: Decision Point videos
February 17th session: The Holy Spirit — click to print HOLY SPIRIT homework
February 24th session: The Creed & Church — click to print CHURCH/CREED homework
March 3rd session: The Eucharist (fixed!!!)  click here to print EUCHARIST homework
March 10th session: Morality — click here to print MORALITY homework
March 24th session:
March 31st session: Adoration — click to print ADORATION homework
April 28th session:


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Our programReligious Ed students in Grades 8-12 attend classes Sundays 9am or Thursday 7pm in the fall.  (Transfiguration Academy 8th graders who are parishioners of St. John’s Parish do not need to attend those classes). Beginning in January, ALL Religious Ed & Transfiguration candidates meet Sunday mornings for their immediate Confirmation preparation, which includes Mass, group sessions, service to the parish, a weekend retreat, day of reflection, and an interview with a priest/deacon.

Confirmation Director: Fernando Perez,

Retreat Director & Youth Minister: Eric Acosta,

Websites of interest to parents, sponsors & candidates:



  • Mon 3/4 with Deacon Jim: K.Savoia 3:30pm, C.Collantes 3:45pm, B.Kelly 4pm, S.Greenspan 4:15pm, K.Duro 4:30pm, C.Budiman 4:45pm
  • Th 3/7 with Fr. Gustavo: E.Almeida 3:45pm, D.DeGuzman 4pm, A.Marin 4:15pm T.Lapinig 4:30pm, C.Sanango 4:45pm
  • Fri 3/8 with Fr. Ray: J.Persaud 3:15pm, L.DeLaCruz 3:30pm, A.Balcacer 4pm, B.Rosa 4:15pm, K.Edmondson 5pm
  • Fri 3/8 with Fr. Gustavo: M.Silva 3:45pm, J.Cayetano 4pm, N.Balcacer 4:15pm
  • Mon 3/11 with Msgr. Rich: S.Huie-Pasigan 3:15pm, G.Cristodaro 3:30pm, J.Funtila 3:45pm, M.Gelaver 4pm
  • Mon 3/11 with Fr. Gustavo: J.Cristodaro 3:45pm, B.Fajardo 4:15pm, G.Alba 4:30pm, D.Aguilar 4:45pm
  • Tues 3/12 with Msgr. Rich: M.Icarangal 3:15pm, J.Rivera 3:30pm, D.Lugo 3:45pm, J.Naviamos 4pm, J.Gil 6pm, I.Correa 6:45pm
  • Tues 3/12 with Deacon Jim: M.Roman 3:30pm, J.Barlovic 3:45pm, H.Fernan 4:15pm, M.Marquez 4:30pm, T.Lapanig 5:15pm
  • Wed 3/13 with Fr. Jonathan: M.Pro 3:30pm, A.Jones 4pm, B.Roque 4:30pm, D.Doyle 5:30pm, N.Virtusio 5:45pm 
  • Wed 3/13 with Fr. Jesus: J.Roque 4pm, D.Santos 4:15pm, S.Valencia 4:30pm, K.Castillo 5pm, M.Cabezudo 5:30pm, R.Lerma 5:45pm
  • Th 3/14 with Fr. Gustavo: A.Cabrera 4pm, R.Alberto 4:15pm, V.Ramirez 4:30pm
  • Th 3/14 with Deacon Jim: R.Garcia 3:30pm, L.Monticelli 3:45pm, CatrinaSalazar 5:30pm, C.Mataga 5pm, CristinaSalazar 5:45pm
  • Fri 3/15 with Fr. Jonathan: I.Cemenja 3:30pm, D.Sanango 4pm, E.Arias 5:15pm, J.Rioja 5:45pm
  • Fri 3/15 with Fr. Ray: K.Talbert 3:15pm, D.DeLeon 3:30pm, K.Nelson 4pm (need to reschedule)
  • Mon 3/18 with Msgr. Rich: N.Sepulveda 3pm, G.Quintana 3:15pm, G.Yabut 3:30pm, R.Raymundo 3:45pm
  • Tues 3/19 with Fr. Jesus: J.Valdez 3:30pm, N.Leal 3:45pm, A.Mendez 4pm, L.Terrero 4:15pm, A.Aranda 4:30pm, S.Pineda 4:45pm, A.Terrero 5pm, S.Granados 5:15pm, S.Duran 5:30pm, K.Cornish 5:45pm
  • Wed 3/20 with Fr. Jonathan: M.Calle 4:15pm, E.Dimaren 4:30pm, D.Falcone 4:45pm, C.Chavez 5pm, J.Polanco 5:30pm, M.Stubbs 5:45pm
  • Wed 3/20 with Msgr. Rich: E.Comfort 3:45pm, I.Aguinaga 4pm, A.Daly 4:15pm, A.Baez 4:30pm
  • Wed 3/20 with Fr. Jesus: I.Javier 4pm, B.Lajara 4:15pm, O.Noel 4:30pm, G.Parra 4:45pm, R.Sargauga 5pm, S.Sarcauga 5:15pm, K. Polanco 5:45pm